Airoptic Real Time Gas Analyzers
Who we are


Airoptic Sp. z o.o. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified high-tech company founded in Poznan, Poland in 2010. In the beginning the company provided consulting services and solutions for laser-based gas sensing to various industrial end users.

In 2016, the company released its own analyzer product line under brand name GasEye. Since first deployment in 2016 the company has provided several hundreds of GasEye analyzers around the world.

Today Airoptic has a global network of distributors and service centers. Airoptic has provided a world’s first in-situ laser formaldehyde analyzer as well as has pioneered in-situ multigas multilaser sensing technology. Airoptic analyzers are characterized not only by one of the best analytical performance on the market but also include standard features like autocalibration and self diagnostics.

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