AIROPTIC We are experts in designing and producing real time gas analyzers

Airoptic Sp. z o.o. designs, produces and markets real time gas analyzers for industrial, medical and security & safety applications. In 2013 we have introduced GasEye – our high performance tunable diode laser (TDL) gas analyzer platform that is suitable for cross duct, open path and extractive gas analysis.


  • GasEye series analyzers offer detection limits and measurement accuracies surpassing today’s competion
  • GasEye series was first to introduce ICL Mid-IR devices for gas sensing. We are pioneers in remote measurement of formaldehyde and alcohol vapor as well as multigas detection


The GasEye systems are based on our proprietary laser based technology for gas detection. We have a full control of the entire chain of the product development through production of the system.


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All products are designed by our in-house team of engineers.


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Production - Testing

All building blocks including electronics and optical parts are thoroughly individually tested before final assembly.


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Production - Assembly

All GasEye units are assembled at our facility by skilled personnel to ensure highest quality.


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Production - Calibration

All GasEye units are calibrated at our facility by skilled personnel to ensure compliance with the standards. NIST traceable calibration standards possible. Each system is dispatched with individual Certificate of Calibration.


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